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I asked to connect to another application, why was I redirected here?
The application which you tried to sign into is using the user Authentication Service to authenticate it's users. After your credentials have been supplied and succesfully validated you will automatically be redirected back to the original application.
Which username and password should I give?
You must supply the details that you have been given by the Greek School Network and which you are already using to sign in to other applications like the internet portal If you do not have a username and password you can obtain one from
I have forgotten my password
In order to recover your password please follow the instructions that are listed here.
What is the log out procedure?
In order to sign out/log out it is sufficient to click the "Sign out" link provided by the application your are using. For additional security, we recommend erasing all traces of your network activities from your browser and close all it's windows after the end of your work.
Where can I get help and trouble-shoot a problem?
You can contact the Support Team of the Greek School Network in one of the following ways:
SCH HelpDesk:
Phone: 801.11.801.81 (from anywhere in Greece).
I administer an application. Can I use the Central Authentication Service?
The Central Authentication Service is provided to web applications which are hosted by SCH. These could either be core SCH applications or peripheral ones developed by educational units or members of the SCH community.
Where can I find instructions on how to connect my application with the Central Authentication Service?
The Central Authentication Service is based on the JA-SIG CAS software. The clients’ integration methods are documented by the official JA-SIG CAS collateral.
Can the Central Authentication Service provide information about the organisational unit the user belongs to?
After a user is successfully authenticated, the service can provide to the application that requested the authentication attributes of the user profile. Attributes regarding the unit in which the user belongs to (e.g. the School name) will also be available in next release of the service.